Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rush up Mam Tor.

We went for a walk on Sunday, the date of the Edale Skyline fell race.

It started at Barber Booth going up to summit Mam Tor then going along the ridge to Hollins cross, taking us to Edale which lead us to back to Barber Booth.

Going across the bridge. 🙂🙂

This was underneath a mud bridge. It had a mix of light waterfall and icicles.❄
  Action shot: Louis getting over the style then trying to jump to avoid landing in a puddle of mud.
 This was the view we got after jumping over the mud. 🏃

                                   It had snowed the week before so this was some of the only remaining.
The hill in the distance is what we were aiming to walk to in this shot.
Peek-a-boo. We were playing hide and seek. Well I thought so anyway.
We made it halfway up the steep part.
This is to left of the last picture.

I love this picture because you can see the reflection in the water. 

Along here was where we saw the first runner. 
Some runners going down the slope, featuring Louis in the corner. Louis could see loads of people parachuting and really wanted to have a go at it.
Us and the runners were about to go up another very steep part of the walk. We stopped halfway up to have a snack and a drink.

Along the ridge watching the people run up competing in the Edale skyline.
People cheering on runners and they were making it up a very steep part. 

 Walking through a very muddy and slippy farm.

He tried to look strong by only letting himself go through the gate using his hands. Then the gate got shut......
You go girl.

                                           A little 20 sleeper national trust shelter.

We basically had everything this walk weather-wise. We had a bit of Sun, water, snow and Ice

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Longstone Edge and the Grindelford Gallop

It's great to be active again! My second walk of the week and today the mini beast from the east hit us with a layer of snow. Louis and myself went to Little Longstone and support the runners on the Grindelford Gallop. I was supposed to be one of them but a friend from North Derbyshire Running Club had bought my place off me.

We had a chat with some of the race marshalls at the top of Longstone moor the windchill induced a pain in your face and Louis and myself wrapped ourselves up in our hill gear. We stopped for a quick slurp of hot ribena as well.

 It started out as quite a pleasant Derbyshire dales walk as we heade upto Longstone edge. You can see the path heading off through the light dusting of snow on the meadow.

There are quite a few roadside verge reserves throughout the country. In Derbyshire there is a campaign to manage activities along some quiet lanes. It's so important to take care of these beautiful and precious environments.

On returning to the car I was tempted by the Packhorse Inn it looks like a good place to eat and have a quick pint. Driving through the snow was interesting we returned via Stoney Middleton and headed upto the Froggatt to catch the runners on the final section of the route. It was good to walk along the trail at the top of Froggatt edge in the wild snowy conditions, Louis seemed to be in his element. We met Richard who was making excellent progress and looked really strong. I have great respect for all the runners that were out today, tough conditions. Maybe I'll get  entry in for the Hathersage hurtle.

Oh... the reason I didn't race... 8 weeks ago a broke my elbow, a slip on the ice resulted in a displaced olecranon fracture. I needed surgery and a tension band wire fixation. I'm so grateful to our NHS for fixing this for me. I'm doing lots of physio at the moment. Currently I can get out for a run but I must not slip over at risk of running the repair. The physio ( a fell runner) has been patiently recovering the flexibility of my right elbow. Next week I start strengthening work. May be in June/July I can start climbing again! I have to say though that I am happy to be able to get out again it was so pleasent to be out with my youngsters for days out in the peak.

Can’t believe I’ve only just worked out how to embed a route in my blog
Here’s the recipe for google maps.
  1. Go to google mymaps
  2. Create a new map for the layer click the import button and import GPX daya
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Monday, January 1, 2018

New Years Day Trail Run

To kick off the new year off we had a nice easy trail run on one of my favourite routes. This is also a wonderful walk with a convenient watering hole at the midpoint and a great coffee stop at the end.
The route starts at the Curbar gap car park  and proceeds over Green edge, White Edge, Froggatt and Curbar edge. Unsurprisingly, the route was rather soggy today we enjoyed splashing our way around.
In one boggy part near Curbar Louis lost a shoe I had great fun putting him over my shoulder before perching him on a rock to retie his shoes. It was good to meet our friends right near the end.

Friday, December 29, 2017

End of Year Kinder Exploits

After a day of snow and sledging we took advantage of the thaw to seek more snow on the Kinder plateau. Starting from Edale the route we planned is popular, although we try it quite a lot we never tire of it. It's better than a visit to your favourite gallery or sculpture park. It turned out to be a great way to finish off the year.

This nine mile route takes you along the wild southern edge of the Kinder plateau using the edge as a guide and quite well defined paths for much of the way it's not too difficult to navigate your way around. However a map and compass and knowing how to use them is still strongly advised.

Starting from Edale Railway station  we walked along the road and into the village as far as the Nags Head Inn. Rather then head along Grindsbrook and following the Pennine way we headed west on the Pennine Way alternative route which is signed for Jacobs Ladder. The path  proceeds below Broadlee-Bank To and goes directly to Upper Booth.

Its always good to arrive at the Pack horse bridge at the foot of Jacobs ladder. When wandering up here I always try and cast my mind back into the time of these ancient travel routes before the 18th century with their height in the 1650's. These routes carried goods between the main cities in particular wool and materials between the mills. One such mill was located at Nether booth. There is some good information at the following sites.

The route up Jacobs ladder has a good solid stone foundation making travel some easier what however it must have been quite an effort for the packhorse trains that passed this way. Today the path was icy making our passage somewhat more challenging, particularly in to the westerly wind marking the onset of  storm Dylan which was due to arrive in the latter part of the day.

The packhorse route continues onto Edale cross and downto Hayfield. Our route takes us below Swines back and on towards Edale rocks. Before heading that way we sat on the main path and enjoyed a hot dink and slice of Christmas cake.
This dog shape rock is the Noe Stool our route here was a running stream of snow melt. The path is usually a well defined track with the remains of a drystone wall on one side. This did not deter my two youngsters Louis was most excitable with the snow and enjoyed snowballing all of us at different points!

One of the favourite parts of the route is the Wool packs, there are some fabulous boulder formations here which are great for wandering around, they are wonderful natural sculptures. Naturally we cannot resist the temptation to climb, hop, leap and bound!

Arriving at the top of Crowden tower the way was again steep and slippy as we dropped down to Crowden Brook, one of our favourite routes for scrambling.

Today the rivers were full brown and excited with snow melt, why does all this white stuff make us all so excitable! We had to walk upstream to find a suitable river cossing.. oh what fun we all enjoyed this.
We carried on over the top of Grindslow Knoll and dropped back into Edale village. We were grateful for wonderful mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows in the Penny pot cafe, thanks Gordon.

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